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If you use any form of automation on your accounts you must abide by our [Automation Guidelines](https://legal.programming.dev/docs/automation-guidelines).
## Community Guidelines
If you manage a community on our sites you must abide by our [Community Guidelines](https://legal.programming.dev/docs/community-guidelines).
## Moderator Guidelines
If you are a moderator for our sites or for a community on our sites you must abide by our [Moderator Guidelines](https://legal.programming.dev/docs/moderator-guidelines).
## Admin Guidelines
If you are an admin for our sites you must abide by our [Admin Guidelines](https://legal.programming.dev/docs/admin-guidelines).
## Reporting
When you see someone not behaving according to our code of conduct, if theres a report button built into the software (which should be most software we host) you can report them for the community team in charge of that software to be able to deal with it. If theres no report button email info@programming.dev with the report information.